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I believe that media has an important role to play in communicating scientific research to broad audiences and putting pressure on policy decision-makers to make necessary change happen.


If you are a journalist reporting on environmental topics, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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Fining big polluters can reduce environmental damage, but only if the fines match the crimes

Article | The Conversation Canada

April 2024

Image credit: AdobeStock

Western mining boom puts salmon species at risk, study* warns

Expert Interview | Globe and Mail

July 2022

* Sergeant, C. J., Sexton, E. K., Moore, J. W., Westwood, A. R., Nagorski, S. A., Ebersole, J. L., ... & Skuce, N. (2022). Risks of mining to salmonid-bearing watersheds. Science Advances, 8(26), eabn0929.


Image credit: Chris Sergeant, 2021


Image credit: Ben Nelms, 2023

Canada risks falling behind in aquatic science research when graduate students and postdocs aren't paid a living wage

Article | Society for Canadian Aquatic Sciences Newsletter

June 2023

A community transformed from mining town to resort destination. It doesn’t want to go back

Expert Interview | The Narwhal

August 2023

Rossland Mining.png

Image credit: Louis Bockner, 2023

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Environmental safeguards at B.C. mines are being eroded by amendments, study* says

Expert Interview | CBC News, Globe and Mail, Global News, Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, others

May 2022

* Collison, B. R., Reid, P. A., Dvorski, H., Lopez, M. J., Westwood, A. R., & Skuce, N. (2022). Undermining environmental assessment laws: post-assessment amendments for mines in British Columbia, Canada, and their potential impacts on water resources. FACETS, 7(1), 611-638.

Private land logging: impacts on Elk Valley ecosystem*

Expert Interview | Wildsight Blog & Newsletter

May 2021

* Collison, B. R. (2021). Private managed forest: A case study and spatial analysis of logging exploitation in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. Prepared for Wildsight. 42pp.


Image credit: Bailey Repp, 2019

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